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The Combatives and Defensive Tactics Academy: (719) 264-0473


Close Quarters Defensive Tactics
Close Quarters
Defensive Tactics
Close Quarters Defensive Tactics. A safe and reasonable system using "Reality Based Training." Training by Master Tactics Instructor Pedro Rodriguez and Advanced Tactics Instructor Angel Jeminez.
Close Quarters Defensive Tactics
Huk Ju Sool
Huk Ju Sool is a Korean based "System of many Styles" that draws from Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Kali, Silat, Ju-Jutsu and Western Boxing. The System is perfect for student or instructor alike and is Conceptual in the training methods and techniques.
F.A.S.T. Fighting
F.A.S.T. Fighting
F.A.S.T. (Fighting Applications, Strategies, and Tatics) is a system that incorporates the skills and concepts of the world's most feared martial and combative arts. The acronym F.A.S.T. not only provides insight into the sole purpose of its hybrid creation, but also the mere essence of winning in combat through the well proven strategy of hitting or attacking first and hard. Thus, when we say "hit 'em hard, hit 'em FAST," we mean it and provide a system that supports this winning mentality.

General Martial Arts Information Sites

Hapkido Information Net An information site about Hapkido. Includes info about history, basic knowledge, books, videos, dojongs, seminars, webguide, and other topics.
Agapy Publishing Christian martial arts information site. "The Internet's Largest Martial Arts Supply and Information Network."
Hurk Choo Kwan Hapkido Interesting, eclectic style of Hapkido.

Selected Martial Arts Organizations and Schools

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Boulder Hapkido Keen Edge Knives Cane Masters Goju-Shorei Weapons System Je Du-Too School of Martial Arts

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