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What is Hapkido?

Hapkido means "The Way of Coordinated Power." It is a blended martial art which incorporates the kicks of modern Taekwondo and ancient Taekyon with hand strikes, joint locks, throws and pressure point compliance techniques.

General History of Hapkido

As with most Martial Arts, The history of Hapkido is shrouded in mystery and controversy. Lack of original records, hearsay, anecdotes, politics, egos and the ravages of time all but ensure sketchy, inaccurate and biased accounts of the origin of the Martial Art. More ...

About Combat Hapkido

Combat Hapkido was conceived to address the needs of martial artists looking for a dynamic and practical self-defense system that produces effective results in real life situations. The essence of Combat Hapkido is Pure Self-Defense. It is the Systhesis of dynamic concepts, scientific principles, realistic aplications, and plain common sense. Combat Hapkido can be easily integrated into any self-defense program because it complements and blends well with any martial art style. More ...

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